Inside Family Law with Zoë Durand

‘I want children to see their parents with open eyes’ - Dr Jennifer Neoh on her new groundbreaking type of family therapy

May 20, 2019

Dr Jennifer Neoh discusses:

  • Her unique family therapy where she works intensively with families for 4 full days consecutively (as opposed to say for a session once a week ongoing). Including a breakdown of what occurs during this therapy on each day.
  • History of how this therapy was created, including drawing on experiences from family law in the USA.
  • How this therapy has worked in complex cases, including where there is a rejected parent, children with anxiety and also importantly in cases where there is family violence.
  • 'Alienation' or 'rejected parent' cases.
  • Cognitive behavioural work with children with anxiety.
  • The importance of fun during the therapy.
  • Her views about reunification therapy and also her views on other more conventional therapies that involve say one meeting for a limited period once a week ongoing and some of the potential risks of this kind of therapy. 
  • Her approach focusing on parties behaviours rather than insight.
  • The future of her approach to therapy.
  • The AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts)
  • New additional qualification being offered to family report writers.
Dr Neoh is available at 66 Mount St, Heidelberg VIC 3084 or on (03) 9458 1733.

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