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“In control to steer outcomes”, An interview with Elise McSweeny from SplitWorld

June 1, 2020

“in control to steer outcomes”, An interview with Elise McSweeny from SplitWorld

  • What is SplitWorld?
  • What is the purpose of SplitWorld?
  • Discussion of modules. Property and assets module, parenting module, and documenting agreement.
  • How the algorithm for the financial calculator (property) was developed.
  • Idea that “The process depletes the resources” of the family and SplitWorld’s intention to be a self empowered process.
  • Intention to assist parties to collaborate.
  • DIY Divorce tool kit to save time, emotion and money.
  • Not all matters are appropriate for this process.
  • Different ways to use SplitWorld.
  • Parenting plan module and education resources about how to best support children through separation via blog and direct mail.
  • Future trends for SplitWorld ”there is a drive to disrupt the system”.
  • Human element in determining justice and equity and how this works with an algorithm (financial calculator).
  • “At a higher level, where does justice and equity exist? In this process the justice and equity exists inside the perspective of the two people navigating the divorce… The sense and the feeling of justice and equity comes from me if I am going through the process and I arrive at the end of it and I feel justice has been met."
  • “The justice and equity exists within them.”
  • “We want to stand in the possibility that separation can be amicable and that each partner can choose this and that if people choose this…then they are immediately in control to steer outcomes in alignment with this choice.”
  • The parties can collaborate together. They can modify what the financial calculator says, i.e do not have to agree with the financial calculator outcome, but use it as a guide only.
  • In collating the information for the financial calculator parties think in a practical way about how their future lives will work. The process of collating the data for the financial calculator can in and of itself be useful.
  • Retaining resources – time, energy, money inside the family unit as “invaluable.”
  • Future of SplitWorld.

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