Inside Family Law with Zoë Durand

“just keep going” – Nicole Pozovsky from Swaabs on some of the challenges of being a younger practitioner in family law and strategies to overcome these

June 23, 2019

In this interview Nicole and I discuss:

  • Nicole’s career history and what drew her to family law
  • The challenges of family law in particular for younger practitioners
  • Nicole’s tips for winning over the client’s confidence when you are a younger practitioner 
  • Challenges between practitioners for younger lawyers, i.e is there a 'reverse ageism' in the area against younger family lawyers?
  • Nicole’s strategies for working with other practitioners who may have an unconscious bias against younger lawyers.
  • Listening to the client’s concerns and emotional intelligence
  • Taking charge of a matter and managing the pathway forward
  • Thoughts on collegiate approaches in family law.
  • Mentoring and helping the next wave of lawyers younger than you.

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