Inside Family Law with Zoë Durand

New ways of doing old problems: family law in the time of Coronavirus

March 30, 2020

New ways of doing old problems: family law in the time of Coronavirus

Paul Doolan (Partner at Barkus Doolan)  and Zoe Durand discuss:

  • Parenting - compliance with orders due to coronavirus and health conditions. 
  • Commonsense and making decisions in best interests of children.
  • Property issues, loss of value of assets and loss of income.
  • Impaired ability to pay child support, spouse maintenance. 
  • How s75(2) factors may be affected. 
  • Unique circumstance of loss on value of assets and earning capacity (unlike past economic recessions).
  • Difficulty for people resolving disputes at the moment. 
  • Sense of community in family law during Coronavirus.
  • Changes in the Court and increased use of technology during Coronavirus.
  • Practical issues for lawyers i.e. signing up affidavits etc, deposing of documents, getting both parties to sign the same document, changes re tendering documents.
  • Lack of supervisors to supervise time. 
  • Long term changes that may persist after Coronavirus.
  • Family Violence - UK  example.
  • Potential family law reform.
  • Merger of Courts.
  • Paul's comments on Senator Pauline Hanson and her views.
  • Paul Doolan's own personal views about family law reform. 
  • Legal Aid and false economy of cutting funding to Legal Aid.
  • Wider question of "Who are we these reforms for? Where should the law reform be targeted?"

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