Inside Family Law with Zoë Durand

“The real world is not the real world” - family law and separation during Coronavirus with Hayder Shkara, principal at Justice Family Lawyers

April 5, 2020

Hayder Shkara (principal at Justice Family Lawyers) and Zoë Durand discuss:

  • Lockdown – parenting during a lockdown
  • School holidays have moved forward in Victoria – school holiday time changes to family law.
  • Follow the orders to the best of your ability. Try to communicate if possible (via lawyer or directly).
  • Changeover and also other safety issues. I.e one parents' residence vs the other parents' residence. Safety issues during Coronavirus. “Reasonable excuse” to contravene orders and what constitutes this.
  • Panic affecting decision making.
  • Family violence. Court continuing, however processes are modified i.e. use of telephone and other electronic communication.
  • Family law firms and mediation continuing via technology. 
  • Changes to the types of matters during Coronavirus.
  • Difficulty separating during Coronavirus.
  • Tensions as families live and work together in constant close contact.
  • Property matters and Coronavirus i.e. reduced value of shares and superannuation and how this is affecting family law matters.
  • Court – doing the best job they can during this time.
  • The online world is now the “real” world. Changes in work practices.
  • "The real world is not the real world."
  • Court now allowing subpoenas to be filed online.
  • Some practices may remain after Coronavirus – new work climate coming out of this.
  • WFHLife i.e Working from home life and how to stay active at home (from a former Olympic athlete). Mental and physical health.  
  • “Use it as an opportunity to try something different.”
  • Reaching Hayder at Justice Family Lawyers on google.


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