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“A measure of pushback” with Jacqui Dawson (Sexton Family Law)

February 23, 2020

“A measure of pushback” with Jacqui Dawson (Sexton Family Law)

  • How to empower people going through the process.
  • What information to prepare for your lawyer: in parenting and property matters. Checking facts and details in a one page summary.
  • Be completely frank with your lawyer. 
  • Pre-sorting financial disclosure for your lawyer to save legal fees.
  • Being clear about objectives and seeking assistance from other professionals.
  • Cues that you have the right/ wrong lawyer for you. Trusting your lawyer.  Is your lawyer over promising?
  • Time frames and communication.
  • Expertise of lawyers, accreditation.
  • Is your lawyer objective and calm.
  • “One of the worst things we can do as a lawyer is get on board with our clients’ emotional distress.” Be wary of correspondence that is unnecessarily emotive and lengthy.
  • Lawyers that are too aligned with client are doing the client a disservice.
  • A good lawyer will offer a measure of pushback. “Toxic can come in all different ways.”
  • Every case is different. Beware of the advice from friends, neighbours and google. Your fact situation is different to others.
  • Adapt as you go along.
  • Listen to your lawyer – delays are difficult and lawyers understand this is a problem.

Find Jacqui Dawson at Sexton Family Law.

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