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“One woman a week still dies…” - Kerry Chikarovski on family violence and her work with Our Watch

June 7, 2019

Kerry Chikarovski talks about her work with Our Watch and shares her insights on family violence.  Overall she discusses how there is an improved understanding of family violence in the community and also much more public discussion about it.  However the fact remains one woman a week still dies at the hands of her partner.  In particular the message she communicates is that family violence is not something that happens "over there" but rather is much deeper in our society than that and goes back to lack of respect for women on a broader level.  For more see:

  • Kerry’s work for Our Watch
  • Stories of family violence from women Kerry has met
  • Respect for both genders
  • Various campaigns and work by Our Watch, in particular educational and preventative campaigns
  • How people are now speaking up more about family violence
  • Gendered pattern to family violence and deeper issues in society about gender respect and misogyny in Australia and how this is a long term inter-generational issue
  • Gender equity, including in politics
  • Common myths and misconceptions about family violence
  • Widespread nature of family violence across different communities and parts of society
  • Increase in reporting numbers of domestic violence
  • Changes in police attitudes and how AVO’s are prosecuted
  • Affects on children of family violence
  • Kerry’s personal views about family violence and the family law process, including increased understanding in particular by Judiciary of family violence
  • Improvements in resourcing for family violence
  • Where to start if someone is experiencing family or domestic violence.
  • How to support and work with Our Watch

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