Inside Family Law with Zoë Durand

‘That children could do that or would do that’ - The Honourable Mark La Poer Trench on children’s wishes (increasing maturity of children) and also self represented litigants

May 6, 2019

An interview with former Family Court Judge (and now mediator, arbitrator and Principal Member on the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, having been appointed as an Acting NSW District Court Judge). Issues discussed include:

  • Background re Mark La Poer Trench- his French heritage and career path
  • Retirement age for Judges
  • The voice of the child, children's wishes and the weight given to these in the context of societal changes (increasing maturity of children)
  • Self represented litigants and how to work best with them
  • Creative ideas for how we can best assist self represented litigants including insights from Canada and the 'Justice Cafe'

You can reach The Hon. Mark La Poer Trench at Waratah Chambers

You can reach mediator and lawyer Zoë Durand at More information on her book Inside Family Law is also available here.  Inside Family Law (the book) contains never before released interviews with Judges, barristers, lawyers, experts, and litigants and children's first hand experiences of the family law system.

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