Inside Family Law with Zoë Durand

“The commonsense approach” - Tahlia Bleier on the groundbreaking High Court case of Masson & Parsons and Anor

June 21, 2019

Interview with Tahlia Bleier who had carriage of the recent High Court case Masson & Parsons and Anor discusses

- Judgement in the recent High Court case

- Positive and negative implications for families, parents, donors and children of this case

- Ideas for law reform following this case

- Recommendations for those entering into having a child with a known donor.

- Why the floodgates have not been opened by this matter and it is not necessarily as reported in some media that "sperm donor found to be parent".  How the father in this case also played the role of being a father above and beyond just being a sperm donor.

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